About Me

Hi, I am Mary Ann. I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. My blog covers personal experiences in my travel, couples travel, boomer travel, family travel and the places I’ve been and locations I want to visit. We travel by car, air and rail. Whether it is a small town or big city, my suitcase is packed and ready to go.

Cruising is a favorite means of visiting numerous destinations during one vacation. Every morning we arrive at a new port with opportunities to experience new cultures and adventures. We love cruising!

Years ago we joined a few Timeshare Programs. We travel the United States, Mexico and Europe using weeks and point exchanges.

My “Likes” are wine, chocolate, beer, pizza, lobster (actually just about any seafood), Italian, German, Asian and Mexican food. I believe the correct term is “foodie”. Visiting and touring wineries and breweries are at the top of my travel planning followed by the ‘less traveled’ roads.

Luxury hotel travel and B&B’s are my ‘pampering experience’ travels. Spas, Dining Experiences and Luxe Hotels are frequent ‘stay-cations’. Mention a Ritz Carlton, Waldorf, Grand Hyatt, Hilton or All-Inclusive Resort and off I go to experience a new resort. Glamping, camping and backpacking are not to be overlooked.

Healthy eating, fitness, exercise, yoga and meditation help keep us young.

My neighborhood “in season in Florida” has nightly ‘docking parties’ in our driveways (we don’t live on a canal). We gather around 5:00 pm to attempt to solve the world’s problems, talk sports and movie trivia and have a drink or two! We are fortunate to live in a welcoming community with wonderful friends!

I really enjoy blogging, travel planning and photography! (My husband is getting accustomed to my endless strolling stops to take pics—oh well!)

I recently added “Inspiration/Motivation, Overcoming Health Issues”.   I will post quotes, photos and articles to encompass Positive Thinking and Uplifting the Spirit.

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